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15 July 2006
Inauguration and Dedication

Well, I told my friends I'd put this blog up, and I'm finally doing it.

This all got its start in my real-life microeconomics class. For a long time, I've dreaded the idea of drawing - I thought I couldn't do it, that it just looked really cruddy. By nature, I'm a writer.

I've decided to take a big leap into the world of drawing. However, you should know that I consider myself a furry - that is, a member of the furry fandom - or as I call it, the furry subculture, mainly due to the amount of thought I devote to furry topics. A lot of my real-life humor is now also based on Fenny's personality traits.

If you've never had a primer on furries, read this FAQ for a useful "crash course" on the topic.

(Random thought:
"You mean you never took flying lessons?"
"Well, I took a crash course..."
--Scrooge MacDuck being concerned when escaping with Launchpad McQuack
in a helicopter, Ducktales, Disney.)

About my character's stats:
Name: Fenris Fox
Gender: Male (but, being polymorphic, I could assume a female form.)
Pseudonyms: Fen, Fenny, Fenny F., Fenris_Fox (FurryMUCK)
Species: Kitsune
Class: Astral
(in Fenris' story universe [upcoming!], most beings fall under either astral, biological, or technological.)
Rank: 9/9
Age: Currently over 10,000 years old. Indeterminate lifespan.
Abilities (partial): Telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation, matter-energy synthesis, matter simulation (this is how assumes a physical form), various temporal abilities (including time travel, time compression, time expansion, and holding position in time).

While this list of abilities makes me sound damn near omnipotent, you should know I'm not. Abilities such as matter-energy synthesis and temporal manipulation require large amounts of energy. Since I am a being of pure energy, I cannot risk using too much energy at one time - so if you were looking for me to provide an arsenal for your war "out of thin air," you'll have to check a black market in a solar system near you. +~~~=:oP

Trinkets? Okay.
Tank fleets? No way.

In any case.. this blog will deal a lot with satires, parodies, and puns of a lot of things. Some of these subjects will not be (indeed, they deliberately aren't - I despise it!) politically correct. However, I've tried to avoid blatant racism or anything of that nature, especially racial slurs - just being politically incorrect doesn't mean you have to go to the bottom of the barrel.. the middle will do. +~~~=:oD

However, I will be frank:
This blog will contain satiristic, parodial, sarcastic, and otherwise poke-funnish material about a lot of things. It may also include harsh language, and other things that would make your parents/grandparents still stuck in the 1940s mad. It certainly will include political content at times, and a lot of references to furries. So.. IF YOU ARE A PRUDE WHO CANNOT HANDLE A LITTLE BIT OF PROFANITY, PRODDING OF AUTHORATIVE FIGURES, FUNMAKING OF BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM, POINTING OUT OF THE OBVIOUS MISTAKES MADE ON EVERYTHING FROM THE PERSONAL TO THE NATIONAL LEVEL, OR REFERENCES TO FURRIES AND/OR ANIME, I

Also, if this fits your description, you are welcome to seek professional counseling on:

  1. Joining the 21st century, and
  2. Assuming responsibilites for your own actions, and not suing everyone for not holding your babyfatted hand.

Anyways, now that that's done..

I want to dedicate this little fox den. +~~~=:o)

This blog is dedicated to:
  1. The world within all our minds - that wonderful place we call the imagination - and to letting the ideas pour out, instead of throwing them in the circular file and hiding behind a mask,
  2. Miss Misty Kitty. You know who you are, if you're reading this. Without you, I would not exist - I would never have explored the aspect of art that gave birth to Fenris. I thank you.. and I am forever in your debt. +~~~=:o)
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