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27 February 2007
Poem: "Even Leviathan Will Change In Time..."

This piece was inspired by a meeting with Leviathan, on FurryMUCK. His player roleplays the character of Biblical legend pretty well; his story of why he was bad before (in character), and better now, led to this.

Levi seemed to like the idea of being added into the Fenrisian storyline - I just hope he likes this deviation from the "main path." =;o) :: giggles ::


Even Leviathan Will Change In Time...
By Fenris Fox (Jeff R.)
Written: 27 February 2007
Original Web Release, First Edition: 27 February 2007


The darkest figures of imagination
Span the vastness of the deep...
And it seems even spirits
Join the mortals just a bit,
Fearing needlessly but instinctively
What eyes fail to see,
Jumping time and time again from
What ears fail to hear.


The new and strange may be glorious,
If you can put aside your judgement
And give it time to be;
But swift prejudice leaves a brand
That takes a life-age just to fade -
The touch of painful scarlet,
Is not easily undone.


A habit sad we have,
Blaming all others but ourselves;
For only fools provoke a rattlesnake
Once they've heard its warning bell!
Nay.. ignorance is no excuse,
Arrogance, no absolvance;
How can we ever learn to walk
If we keep regressing with our crawls?


Leviathan is the rattlesnake of the sea -
If we cannot forgive him,
What kind of Christians could we be?
The first stone cast was not by this serpent -
It was out of horrid pain and emptiness,
That the desire for vengeance hit.


A question I must now ask
Of you, behind the retinae -
Can you not understand this feeling long past,
Whether today, or yesterday?
For if one demon can tell another and understand,
Cannot those with greater hearts relent?
Spare a bit of mercy,
Some mercy to be had?
Chain Post: Information Trade

Acquired from gmhelwig of LiveJournal.

Respond to this LJ post and...

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this in your journal.

NOTE: I have a LiveJournal account, but I don't keep a journal there - my blog was started here first, and it's more than enough to keep my paws full. However, to participate in this little swap, I have to repost it in my journal.. and while it's on another domain, this is the best equivalent.
Prose & Quotes: Just some random musings

First, the quotes:
"Is the blood of a hero
Any more righteous
Than the hobo's,
Sipping wine?"
--"The Wings that Fly Us Home," written by Joe Henry; music by John Denver.
"..consumers are sheep."
--Unknown C|Net Forums user, in respect to an article about CRT TVs not dying out in favor of flat-screen technologies.

Now, the original musings:

Art first, life second.

The Victorians had green carnations; Walt Whitman had sweet flag; today's society has the Rainbow Flag.

If you keep living by the clock, your heart will stop it for you.

Turn on the mouth, disengage the brain, begin having fun.

What's done is done. Stop regretting it - remorse is for futilists.

No pill, cream, pump, or weights will increase the size of your dingus - so instead of buying snake oil, invest your time in learning to use what you have.

Breast implants may make a girl a double-D - but I'm one guy that rock-hard torpedo-boobies do not please.

Stick-figure models have problems - I'd never want to be with one. Who the heck would want to cuddle with a toothpick?!

(If I wanted to cuddle something that hard, I'd please a hippie - and hug a tree!)
20 February 2007
Photographs: "To Paint a Pretty Picture," "Crystals of Rain"

Sometimes our best laid plans go awry, only for something just as good - or maybe better - to happen in their stead.

That's what happened to me yesterday.

I was in the garage with the door open, sealing (the previously posted work) "Heaven Gains Another Angel," when it started pouring rain.

(If you've never used a spray fixative, you might not know why I was in the garage with the door wide open.. the stuff is noxious and potent, toxic, and potentially carcinogenic. It has toluene in it - the stuff "paint-huffers" use to get high; unfortunately for them, it can easily kill brain cells.)

Heavy rain is a somewhat rare event in Vegas, and so I stuck around a few extra minutes after putting the last coat of fixative on the drawing.

I then saw a beautiful sight - droplets of rain on the tips of pine needles on a tree in the front yard, like crystals of ice in most places' winters.

Like the racing greyhound, I ran to my room and grabbed my camera.

While the result - seen in "Crystals of Rain" - was half-decent, it wasn't anywhere near as good as the impromptu, spontaneous shot I took near the end of the set.

That photo is the dramatic darkness shown in "To Paint a Pretty Picture."

The only editing I did of the photo, was to obfuscate the license plate on my neighbor's truck. I did nothing to the brightness, contrast, or saturation - the image is exactly as my eye saw it (or, as close as my camera could render it).

This work takes its title from a line in the movie Bruce Almighty:
"Sometimes to paint a pretty picture, you need to use some dark colors."

Click the above preview for the full-sized work.
"To Paint a Pretty Picture."
Click the above preview for the full-sized work (1152x872, 287KB true-color JPEG).

Gratis image hosting provided by Photobucket.

Click the above subset for the full work.
"Crystals of Rain."
Click the above subset portion for the full work (1401x858, 388KB true-color JPEG).

Gratis image hosting provided by Photobucket.
Quote and Observation: Humor & a Pine-Sol Commercial

First, the quote:
"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have." --Roger Rabbit, in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [movie adaptation].
Now, the observation:

Has anyone listened closely to one of the latest Pine-Sol commercials - the one where lottery numbers are being read off on TV, and the people start jumping around like they won (but didn't)?

Did anyone notice what number was read?

Yep. It was 42.

I wonder if anyone else noticed that subtlety.. =:oD
19 February 2007
Real World: Gold-Digging to the Grave

I thought I wouldn't hear anything I'd find noteworthy with all this hullabaloo and over-inflated saturation news coverage of the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

However, what's most interesting is what no one seems to be saying - or at least saying it explicitly..

..the kid is a pawn.

Yeah, all those guys want to find out they're the dad.. and they want the kid..

..just long enough to get the cash. Then, off to some unknown place the kid will go.

I doubt most - if any - of the men claiming to be the father, really care about the kid - they want the cash.

There are two things that really piss me off in this world - to the point where I may throw logic out the window, and even do things I may regret later (or maybe not regret!):

1. People treating animals like dirt;
2. People using kids as "legal footballs."

This is the second of those two. People.. don't use kids that way! That includes in divorces.. if you have to give up a bunch of stuff/money, do it, if it means you can keep from dragging your kids into the mud.

The idea is being passed around that Anna Nicole's kid's father may be the deceased husband - sperm saved in a bank. I really hope it turns out to be.. that way the kid can live with the grandmother, and all these gold-digging gigolos (at least, that's what they seem like to me) can buzz off. They deserve no better.

(Did anyone notice how Anna Nicole's body went unclaimed for quite some time, while the "cavemen" duked it out over the gold nuggets? It's like that South Park episode, where all the kids "went ape," and one was left standing on top of all the others' unconscious bodies.)
Charcoal Drawing: "Heaven Gains Another Angel"

ERRATA: This piece has a major error in its wording - "It's About Time" is by John Denver, NOT by Simon & Garfunkel.

The last piece of the latest batch, this is my first experiment with large amounts of shading - and anything as dark (shading-wise, not necessarily emotion-wise) as this.

When I heard the line "there's a light in the Vatican window" in the aforementioned John Denver song, thoughts of Pope John Paul II were immediate. While I'm almost sure the song predates John Paul's death, such connections in thought - in the future - are almost inevitable.

Whereas my oft-used pattern for sketching the Sun is to have it with a bold, chibi-eyed face, I think my pattern for the Moon - shown here - will be a bit different. The Sun - with its great light - destroys shadow (although it does tend to help in casting them, too). The Moon, however, lives in shadow (since it's most prominent at night - I may give it a heavier face if I ever draw a "day moon") - and therefore, has a feathered, ephemeral face.

(While I normally wouldn't put something like a charcoal drawing in true-color mode - as it increases the size [or required compression] dramatically [before compression, by a factor of 3] - the color ballpoint script for the quotation necessitated it.)

Click the above preview for the full-sized work.
Click the above preview for the full-sized work (2202x1562, 980KB true-color JPEG).

Gratis image hosting provided by Photobucket.
Charcoal Drawing: "Assault Sonique"

Drawn yesterday (the 18th of February), this piece was inspired by a car driving by with one of those "pimped-out stereos."

You've heard them - they're the stereos with very little midrange audio, and even less treble, but enough bass to penetrate all the way to the underworld.

They're owned by some poor fools that think that raw bass energy is the key to great sound quality.

When they completely destroy their cochleas, we'll see if they're right. =;o)

In any case.. I've seen where some people put a [US]$10,000 stereo like that (blech! I can think of so many other, better ways to spend $10K), in what would otherwise be a piece-of-crud, used, import car.

That's what's shown in this piece.

I like the fuzzled, smeared effect for the sound waves..

Click the above preview for the full-sized work.
Click the above preview for the full-sized work (2208x1574, 488KB grayscale JPEG).
Gratis image hosting provided by Photobucket.
Charcoal Drawing: "The Bishiesune"

On the 17th of February, I bought a cheap starter kit of General's charcoal pencils. I tried them out - and this is the third sketch I did that day.

While it's a long way from being really good, it's definitely the best Fenny-related sketch I've done yet.

As poetry, and not drawing, has been my medium au natural for most of my life, only practice will help me express visually, ideas that are hard to get across in words.

In any case.. at the least, the nose needs work! =xoD

Also.. the gray around the edges is a scanner artifact; it was a pain in the tails to scan this, since the work is 11x14", and the scanner is a little bit bigger than 8.5x11".

The original has the words, "The Bishiesune," in cursive at the top - this has been (physically) truncated here; I decided that the work required to re-integrate it, just isn't worth it.

Click preview for full-size work.
Click the above preview for the full-sized work (2232x1695, 992KB grayscale JPEG).
Gratis image hosting by Photobucket.
13 February 2007
Cyberspace: Bruce Schneier's Three Natural Laws of the Digital World

Though this post isn't novel - Schneier wrote about these ideas quite some time ago - this is an attempt to summarize and concatenate them into a small format, as has been done with such works as Newton's Laws of Motion.

Bruce Schneier's Three Natural Laws of the Digital World:
I. Bits are inherently copyable, easily and repeatedly; digital files cannot be made uncopyable, any more than water can be made not wet.

II. Software has the ability to encapsulate skill.

III. The digital world lacks political boundaries.
12 February 2007
Quote/Story-Bytes: "Parabellum."

"Si vis pacem, para bellum." --Epitoma rei militaris, Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus; c. 390 A.D.
A reasonable translation into English - as we know it today (Latin meanings do not change, hence their use in medicine and law), would be:
"If you seek peace, prepare for war."
I've decided that this will be one of three inscriptions associated with the sword Fenny carried, Salvadore. It makes perfect sense, since while no one (in their right mind, at least) likes fighting or war, sometimes violence is necessary, to protect others.

Another is an original, poetic prophecy (not in the real world!), to be posted later.

The final inscription - simply the word "Salvadore" - will be inscribed across the weapon's handguard.
Short Parody: "Making Hatter Madder: An Alice in Wonderland Spoof"

PRUDE WARNING: This story contains a vague reference to an unusual - but very unrealistic - fetish. Reader discretion is advised; parents shall be responsible if their kid happens to read this, and suffers "emotional trauma," or other similar B.S. If anyone does read this and has a problem, I suggest you unplug your computer, and beat it with the nearest blunt, heavy object you can find - the Internet has far worse things.

I wrote this story a few days ago, but given that today is my birthday.. I figured it would be an interesting time to have it "jump the queue," and end up on the Web.

After all, shouldn't something that twists something already twisted - Wonderland - be posted on an un-unbirthday?

The story joins the Disney movie plot-line, at the Mad Hatter's tea party - immediately after the Hatter smashed the White Rabbit's "jammed watch," pronouncing it "two days slow:"

Immediately after being horrified by the murder of his golden watch, the White Rabbit's shock quickly turned to anger.

One might have thought white fur would turn to red, as he stared down the Mad Hatter.

"You.. you.. you imbecile!" the Rabbit yelled. "I've had that watch since I was a baby, and my father before me! What the hell is wrong with you?"
"But.. that's the standard and accepted way of fixing a mad watch.."
"Didn't you think of taking it to a watchsmith?!"
"Smithies use hammers, too."
"That's a blacksmith, you blockhead!"

Before the Hatter really had time to think of a proper response, the little white bunny seized a mallet - the same mallet used by the Hatter on his own watch, just a few minutes ago.

Mr. White Rabbit stood before the Mad Hatter, his face looking as if - perhaps - he should instead be called Mr. White Rabid.

"Uh.. Mr. White Rabbit, what exactly do you plan to do with that mallet?"


The Hatter collapsed upon his cup of tea.


When the Hatter came to, he looked upon the White Rabbit..

..and a fifty-foot tall Queen of Hearts.

"Whoa.. why is she so huge?" the Hatter asked, dazed and bound securely.
"I've made special arrangements with her, Hatter!" Mr. White Rabbit replied, sarcastically.
"For a very special party."
"Um.. what party?"

"Your Unbirthday."

08 February 2007
Mini-Scene: The River

[Primary setting: Land of the Cats*, c. 3000 B.A.E.]


Story is set in the Ancient Period. While this story is later in posting than any previous one, it actually is earlier in the timeline of the Kitarian Universe - the first story to be set in the Ancient Period (well before 0 A.E. - by comparison, the "current year" - for most of my roleplaying purposes with my characters - is 3310 A.E.). The Kitarian Timeline is just as much of an open framework as everything else within - feel free to plug your own ideas in, if you so choose.

Story is told from the "first-fur" point-of-view. This is a first in the Kitarian "canon." Like his player, Fenny's writing is meant to be pensive - when he's not too busy being silly. =;o)


Deep within the mists of time - when I was only half my age, as well as half my rank-of-tails (a social status ranking among us kitsune) - I was alone amongst the trees and the cool waters running cross the land.

For the first time on this side of the Gateway - in the Land of the Cats - I prepared to carry out a tradition** I had performed for almost 100 years in my homeland.

Tonight.. was also the first night I would be seen in such a manner.

"Fenny!" the cat-warrior Misty called out, in the stillness of the night. "Fenny, what are you doing out here?"

Never before had I a need to deal with company during this custom - a youkai, much less a mortal. How in the world would she respond to such an alien practice?

And furthermore.. How had she been able to get so close without my knowledge? I am a kitsune, after all - I should be able to detect sneaks, as well as be a sneak.

Could it have been the feeling in my heart then? I had felt it before.. but it was never quite the same.

Was it love?

Could love be so strong, as to blind mortal and youkai alike?

I certainly know now, but I could never have known then. After all, I had never been in love before..

..How could I have known that she - a mortal - and I - a youkai - would mate?

How could I have ever dreamed that she would give me a family.. a true home..

..A guest among mortals.


My thoughts were broken with a warm paw upon my shoulder, my 5 fox-tails bumping up against leg-plates.

"I'm surprised you're down here," Misty meowed.
Puzzled, I yerfed in reply, "Why would that surprise you?"
"Well, you haven't exactly tried to hide yourself from us." The femme-fighter then picked up and stroked one of my tails, teasing gently at its tip. "Not like some of your kinsfurs." She giggled.

I think my temperature must have risen ten degrees in that moment. "Heh.. eh.. I suppose not. Many of my people are like that.. but I try to use kitsune-youjutsu*** for more productive ends, whenever I can."

Misty smiled, and then said something I've never forgotten: "Courage does not always drive the blade of a sword, Fenny - it comes in many forms. One of them is following not the old, worn trail of those who came before you; but to instead break a new wood - following the call of your own heart. Because you never know - your trail may be the one preferred, by those who come after."

Time has shown me that it was not my heart - but hers - that truly was the greater. Not for thousands of dawns and twilights would I find another heart which shined so brightly - and even then, it was a quite different glow.

Youkai may live forever, and wield incredible magical powers.. but it is mortal who possess the greatest power of all -

The greatest powers of love.


"You're awful sweet, you know," I yerfed, blushing.
"Why's that? Hehe.. I've never been considered all that sweet."
"There are many places we go, where the local population tends not to be too happy - particularly if our true nature is found out."
"Well, I must admit, there have been a few odd tales involving minor mischief, and the occasional kitsune flushed out by one of our Clerics. But," she looked coyly at my tails, "never one with 5 of those. Besides.. you've been up-front from the start. I couldn't imagine you being anything but nice."
I blushed while stumbling for words. "Thank.. er.. thank yo.."

She interrupted me with a kiss - our warmth becoming as one. Being in physical contact, I could not help but reach into her mind.

"Fenny.. stay, or let me stay.. but never leave me again.. I would never seal you.. but I wish you could be bound to me.." her thoughts said.
"If you stay with me.. you do know I will outlive you. I can never really grow old, the way you might want from a mate."
"Always modest unto the last.. I worry about you outliving me - but not for the reason you think -

I don't want you to have to feel alone, my unique fox."
"That is inevitable.. so we might as well enjoy the time we have..."

At that moment, the psionic link broke, and we found ourselves looking into each other's eyes.

So warm were her eyes.. that my kitsune-bi**** was an iceberg in comparison.

I know, from then on, she would melt all coldness within my heart.


* Land of the Cats: Known as Felicia Prime after the advent of interstellar technologies, the Land of the Cats was reachable, in ancient times, via a magical portal connecting it and the homeland of the Kitarian kitsune. That place was sometimes referred to, in kind, as the Land of the Foxes.

** "Tradition:" Though Fen's romantic encounter this evening prevented him from getting to it, the tradition referred to is a release of stored energy. After becoming a Paladin, Fenny began to absorb large amounts of power directly from the Sun - following the ideals of Christianity, he would feel quite guilty wasting all this energy - and it has to come out sometime. Therefore, he releases it back into nature - where it would have gone, if he hadn't tapped it. This takes quite some time, and requires an opposing element - in Fenny's case, Water - to neutralize as much of the discharge as possible.

*** Kitsune-youjutsu: Literally, "fox-magic." This is a general term for Fenny's magic (as well as any kitsune's) - but in particular, that magic which is native to either himself (as a demon), or his people's lore. He will use this magic for his own purposes - generally day-to-day needs, or low-level opponents (the Paladinic Code - which governs acceptable behaviour for Paladin - allows the use of non-Sacred magic, as long as it is not used for evil). This is an observation of the principle, "God helps those that help themselves." He almost never refers to Sacred Power - that granted to him by his training as a Paladin, or through his sword Salvadore - as youjutsu, or a jutsu (a single spell, or act of magic).

**** Kitsune-bi: Literally, "fox-fire." This is a native jutsu in Fenny's repertoire - his fire-casting ability. This can range from a tiny warmth - allowing him to become a living "electric blanket" to comfort other furs - to a raging inferno, capable of causing mass casualties in battle.

Short Story: Fenny & Justin v. Terrorist
Care to guess the score? =;o)

[Primary setting: Earth; our reality, c. 200X A.D.]


One bright summer day, Fenny the Paladinic Kitsune, and Justin the wolf-pup, were visiting the World of Men*.

While walking near the Empire State Building, Fenny noticed a man fiddling with an odd device, through the open rear doors of a large van.

"Hi there," Fenny yerfed. "Whatcha doin' there?"
"Trying to make this thing work," the man said - with a thick accent.
"What is it?"
"A tool, built by the infidels. It's brrrroken."
"Infidels?" Fenny wondered, headscritching.

Suddenly, Justin used the Soul Ball** to privately psion to Fenny, "You see that book by him?"
"Yes," Fenny replied silently.
"I've seen that sign before.. it was at the museum. I think it's what the humans use to warn about radiation."
"Really? I best take a closer look at that thing in his van, then."

Unbeknownst to either the man or the wolf, Fenny used a magical technique - one that he uses to examine matter, before synthesizing a duplicate from his stored energy.

"Uh oh," the fox silently yerfed.
"What is it, Fen?"
"Trouble. But.. I think I remember how to disable one of these. Our civilization had something like this about 1,000 years ago. It's called a nuclear bomb."
"Bomb? How big?"
"Enough to kill just about everything living in half this city."
"We have to stop it, then - you're sworn to protect mortal life!"
"Already ahead of you, Justin."

The fox put a paw behind his back, rubbing two fingerdigits together.
Justin, at that moment, suddenly felt his bag get heavier. "What did you just put in my bag?
"I'll show you later - but the city is safe. Let's go."


II.: Two Hours Later

The man - now alone - stood on top of his van, while screaming like a banshee:


He then pressed a large, red button on the control...

...and waited...

...and waited...

Finally, something happened.

A silly voice recording - set to replay on loop - came from the bomb:

"Bang! Hehe! You're dead!

Bang! Hehe! You're dead!"

Then, a much louder voice:

"POLICE! Get on the ground... he's got a gun!"

This was followed by a very real bang - but not the one the man had hoped for that day.


III.: Back to Fen & Justin

Justin opened his bag. "What are these?"

He looked upon several canisters - each marked with the nuclear trefoil - and a little round disc.

"The cans are the uranium fuel for the bomb - sealed in shielded, strong containers. Don't mess with 'em. You can - in fact, please do - mess with the disc. It's the locking device for the weapon."

"Oh neat! It's got a combination lock here," Justin yipped, beginning to play with the digits - followed swiftly by a click. "It won't move anymore."
"You physically locked it up by entering the wrong code - which is what I hoped for. It's useless now, except to the United States Government - whom we're going to take this stuff back to."
"I wonder what happened to that man? He still thinks he has a bomb."


IV.: Bellevue Hospital, New York City: With Heavy Police Presence

Barely conscious a few hours after major surgery, the would-be radical martyr could be heard mumbling, "That damned infidel.. the infidel with the fur.. I'll never make it to Heaven because of you!"

This was followed by the man screaming:



* World of Men = The one you have your tail(s) plunked in right now. =;o)

** Soul Ball: Kitsune of legend have a small ball, varyingly called a "soul ball," or "star ball." In some stories, it appears to be an ordinary child's toy; in others, it glows with a magical aura. Fenny is no different; however, in the Kitarian Universe, there's a twist - it is a tool of subjugation. Whoever holds Fenny's Soul Ball can force him to do things, or initiate private psionic (i.e., telepathic) conversation, even if the holder is a mortal without psionic powers of their own.
Fen's Quickies!

When Grandpa had to describe Bogie - our bulldog - on "yard-cleaning day," he needed but a single word:

Real World: Lions, Witches, and Kitsune, Oh My!

DELAY NOTICE: This entry has been significantly delayed - but it contains commentary that I feel, nonetheless, should become part of the record.

From 24 Jan 2007:

Last night, I was at a friend's house - we'll call him SpawnX2, his online nickname - watching The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

As he had done with all three volumes of The Lord of the Rings, he had bought the 4-disc extended edition (if anyone hasn't watched those end-to-end, they should - a lot of interesting material has been added - including some stuff many Tolkien fans had noticed was missing from the novel).

(X2's DVD library never ceases to amaze me - he has close to 100 - if not more - titles. All of this with no piracy!)

Two interesting - but probably often overlooked - things I saw in the movie were (worded minimally to avoid becoming spoilers):

1.) The poor red fox. Wasn't he brave and sweet? =:o)

2.) Lucy's dagger throw at the archery range. That was so cool! In my humble opinion, it's a shame we didn't see more fighting out of the girls in the movie - after all, Susan ends up being an impressive archer.

Indeed - Susan Pevensie, along with Kagome from Inu-Yasha - are the inspiration for what will become "legendary-class" archery skills for Justin in later Fenrisian stories.

But.. shh! Don't tell Justin's player..

..whoops. Too late. =;o)
"He's not a Jedi yet." --Palpatine, Star Wars.

Real World: Marilyn Monroe, Part II

According to the reports I'm hearing on Fox News, Anna Nicole Smith has died.

I had a feeling she would die, from moment it was mentioned she had collapsed in her hotel room.

History repeats - and this is a repeat from a certain piece of bottle-blonde history from before my birth.

Anyone want to make a bet on whether it'll turn out to be a suicide? A poisoning/pill suicide?

I guess there are some things that even ([allegedly] gold-dug) money can't get one out of.
01 February 2007
Quote: For those who loose their imagination upon the metaphysical, while their flesh travels the long haul.
"I'm sittin' in the railway station
Got a ticket for my destination,
On a tour of one-night stands
My suitcase and guitar in hand,
And ev'ry stop is neatly planned
For a poet and a one-man band..."

--from "Homeward Bound," by Simon & Garfunkel.
Though the circumstances are quite a bit different, I often can be seen with pen and 'book in hand, writing as the wheels of the bus turn. So, this verse grabbed a hold of my soul the second I heard it.
One Fur's Confusion: Were the "guerilla ads" - which brought a large city to a screeching halt - in boxes?

(Technicalities made necessary by shysters enclosed in square brackets [ ].)*

As I mentioned previously, yesterday's commotion with the Cartoon Network ads in Boston was one step short of a Darwin Award (linked site appears to have server problems as of 1 Feb 2007 19:39 GMT), in terms of [alleged] stupidity.

However, as more information becomes available to the general public, I find myself a bit confused.

I've seen a video clip played quite a bit on Fox News - it shows someone putting up one an improvised LED sign - the ad cited in the Boston case - in a high location, using a pole.

Looking at the sign, I don't know how it could be mistaken for a bomb - if it's not in any kind of a container, as it was in the video - and as it was in some close-up photos.

Many of the reports from yesterday, if I remember correctly, say that the "suspicious devices" were boxes**.

Now.. wouldn't it defeat the purpose of a sign, if it were stuck in a box?

Also - in defense of the authorities - it would be much more shadowy in a box.

Something just doesn't add up here.. Why would videos show ads being put up without boxes (and lit already), while these "suspicious packages" were in boxes?

Who made the [alleged] mistake? Who's [allegedly] wagging the doggy-tail? =;oD

Another thing.. Apparently, the City of Boston is only seeking $750,000 damages from whoever is [allegedly] responsible for this - the cost of having all those cops and the bomb squad out there.

Shouldn't the [alleged] "moneybags" behind the whole [alleged] thing - Turner - have to repay all the businesses for the commerce [allegedly] lost (due to things like traffic jams, road closures, loss of river/barge traffic, and people randomly depressing red panic buttons)?

That'd be a lot more than $750,000, I can guarantee...

* Save medicine and common sense - send all the civil court lawyers to the moon. =;o)

** Whew hoo! I almost wrote, "..say that the suspicious boxes were in boxes." Those must be like those old Chinese dolls.. or modern shipping techniques with gratuitous amounts of packaging! =;o)
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