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01 February 2007
One Fur's Confusion: Were the "guerilla ads" - which brought a large city to a screeching halt - in boxes?

(Technicalities made necessary by shysters enclosed in square brackets [ ].)*

As I mentioned previously, yesterday's commotion with the Cartoon Network ads in Boston was one step short of a Darwin Award (linked site appears to have server problems as of 1 Feb 2007 19:39 GMT), in terms of [alleged] stupidity.

However, as more information becomes available to the general public, I find myself a bit confused.

I've seen a video clip played quite a bit on Fox News - it shows someone putting up one an improvised LED sign - the ad cited in the Boston case - in a high location, using a pole.

Looking at the sign, I don't know how it could be mistaken for a bomb - if it's not in any kind of a container, as it was in the video - and as it was in some close-up photos.

Many of the reports from yesterday, if I remember correctly, say that the "suspicious devices" were boxes**.

Now.. wouldn't it defeat the purpose of a sign, if it were stuck in a box?

Also - in defense of the authorities - it would be much more shadowy in a box.

Something just doesn't add up here.. Why would videos show ads being put up without boxes (and lit already), while these "suspicious packages" were in boxes?

Who made the [alleged] mistake? Who's [allegedly] wagging the doggy-tail? =;oD

Another thing.. Apparently, the City of Boston is only seeking $750,000 damages from whoever is [allegedly] responsible for this - the cost of having all those cops and the bomb squad out there.

Shouldn't the [alleged] "moneybags" behind the whole [alleged] thing - Turner - have to repay all the businesses for the commerce [allegedly] lost (due to things like traffic jams, road closures, loss of river/barge traffic, and people randomly depressing red panic buttons)?

That'd be a lot more than $750,000, I can guarantee...

* Save medicine and common sense - send all the civil court lawyers to the moon. =;o)

** Whew hoo! I almost wrote, "..say that the suspicious boxes were in boxes." Those must be like those old Chinese dolls.. or modern shipping techniques with gratuitous amounts of packaging! =;o)
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