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27 February 2007
Poem: "Even Leviathan Will Change In Time..."

This piece was inspired by a meeting with Leviathan, on FurryMUCK. His player roleplays the character of Biblical legend pretty well; his story of why he was bad before (in character), and better now, led to this.

Levi seemed to like the idea of being added into the Fenrisian storyline - I just hope he likes this deviation from the "main path." =;o) :: giggles ::


Even Leviathan Will Change In Time...
By Fenris Fox (Jeff R.)
Written: 27 February 2007
Original Web Release, First Edition: 27 February 2007


The darkest figures of imagination
Span the vastness of the deep...
And it seems even spirits
Join the mortals just a bit,
Fearing needlessly but instinctively
What eyes fail to see,
Jumping time and time again from
What ears fail to hear.


The new and strange may be glorious,
If you can put aside your judgement
And give it time to be;
But swift prejudice leaves a brand
That takes a life-age just to fade -
The touch of painful scarlet,
Is not easily undone.


A habit sad we have,
Blaming all others but ourselves;
For only fools provoke a rattlesnake
Once they've heard its warning bell!
Nay.. ignorance is no excuse,
Arrogance, no absolvance;
How can we ever learn to walk
If we keep regressing with our crawls?


Leviathan is the rattlesnake of the sea -
If we cannot forgive him,
What kind of Christians could we be?
The first stone cast was not by this serpent -
It was out of horrid pain and emptiness,
That the desire for vengeance hit.


A question I must now ask
Of you, behind the retinae -
Can you not understand this feeling long past,
Whether today, or yesterday?
For if one demon can tell another and understand,
Cannot those with greater hearts relent?
Spare a bit of mercy,
Some mercy to be had?
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