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30 July 2006
Pencil Drawing: The Get Out of Hell Free Card

This doodle was inspired by something in my history class in freshman year.. I don't know why I thought of it, but it goes like this:

We were talking about the times right around the Protestant Reformation, and some of the reasons Luther cited for splitting. One of them was a special grant the Pope would give people who paid him - I think the word is "indulgences," but I don't know for sure - and I thought, "Hey, that's just like Monopoly, with it's Get Out of Jail Free card!" (I almost wrote "Get Out of Jail Tail Free!" ::blushes::). So I came up with the idea of the "Get Out of Hell Free Card" - and actually had the guts to comment on it!

Now - years later - I've actually drawn it.

Here, for your viewing enjoyment, I present the "Get Out of Hell Free Card."
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Wonderful! You invented something someone else has sold over a million copies of: is where they're sold from. Maybe you should actually try to come up with something original?
in reply to "anonymous'" posting at 10:15AM:

So, someone else is selling "Get Out of Hell Free" cards? That's all fine and dandy.

The average Webhead would probably just delete your comment; however, I'm above that, so I'll compare and contrast these two works a little bit:

1.) I did not get this idea from - I came up with it independently, before I ever used the Internet on a regular basis (circa 2000, I believe).
2.) The product is a commercial item (for sale). My work is free for all.
3.) My work is furry; the stuff isn't.
4.) My work is a large format pencil sketch. GOOHF's product is a printed card, extremely similar to Parker Bros.' original Chance cards.
5.) My work has a quote from Dante's Inferno on the arch. GOOHF uses a manhole.

I could go on and on.. but I'm not trying to make a million bucks here. I'm only trying to share the ideas in my mind.
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