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01 August 2006
Ink Drawing: Technolution

Inspiration is a weird thing sometimes. Part of the time, it snaps right to you; other times, it can follow a long and convoluted trail. The latter is what happened on this piece.

It was indirectly inspired by the song, "(Hey Why Don't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song," by B.J. Thomas. However, it wasn't direct. I originally wanted to do a bar scene, with a guy stooped over a big mug of beer, and a jukebox blaring in the background - the guy "somebody done wrong." I don't know why, but I ended up focusing on the jukebox instead - and since the idea came while studying for an exam - and listening to a modern Creative Zen MicroPhoto at the same time - I decided to concentrate on the evolution of the technology. Portmanteau these words, and you end up with "Technolution."

And, in all honesty, I suppose one could also portmateau "revolution" and technology to get technolution - technology has had such and effect. However, that is not the aim of the piece.

Of course, the question anyone from the Fandom is going to ask if they read this is: "IS IT FURRY?!" Well.. a little bit. I decided to add an InuYasha-inspired paw to hold the MP3 Jukebox on the Present Day side. Do note that it doesn't follow InuYasha exactly (too much fur), and it is not canon Fenrisian material, although it does have something to do with Fenris.

Now.. Fenris presents his first ink sketch ever to be published anywhere - "Technolution," Original Web Release, First Edition, 8/1/2006:

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(Click here for full-size version)

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