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22 August 2006
Miniature Short Story: The Ultimate Fate of Fenris Fox?
While roleplaying the other day (on FurryMUCK), I thought of an idea for a miniature short story. It deals with an idea for a possible end for Fen, if he doesn't die in battle first. It is still a single scene, but it falls into my "miniature" category, since it's larger than the earlier sub-miniature I posted here.

Well, enough mumbo-jumbo. Without further delay, Fenris presents, "The Ultimate Fate of Fenris Fox:"
The Ultimate Fate of Fenris Fox

The Ultimate Fate of Fenris Fox?

By Fenris F. (Jeff R.) ( fenrisblog **AT** gmail **DOT** com )

Written 8/22/2006; Original Web Release, First Edition, 8/22/2006

(See end for special copyright information relating to this particular story.)

Fen lies down in bed, thinking of the truth he uncovered the other day: “I may live a long time, but, nothing truly is forever. I, like the stars I draw my power from – will one day die.”


In these end times of the Fenrisian rotation of the universe, only a few stars remain shining. All mortal beings have long since met their maker – only the hardiest of non-mortals really have any standing in the universe.

As time passes, Fen can feel his own Judgment Day approaching. “I’m not going to fight or con my way out of this one,” he thinks to himself. “I can only hope I’ve done my duty well, and pleased He who has given me these gifts.”

Time itself seems to be coming unglued and warped. Fen perceives it passing slowly, and quickly, at the same time. “Well, this is it. Even my advanced knowledge of the Chronological Arts just went out the window.”

Whether in an instant, or an age, the last of the stars goes black.

I accept my fate, Lord. I will not fight to hold onto the Star Power I have left.” With these words, a large white flash emanates from Fenris – he has cast the last of his celestial powers into space. “You helped me so much with your power, warm stars of the heavens. In return, I shall willingly join you in death.”

Suddenly, a psionic voice breaks the solitude of Fen’s plight. “You have done so well with the Star Power. I have been pleased beyond imagination… and in return, I will remain with you, in your final moments. I would not abandon the righteous, and let you die alone.”

Thank you, my Lord.”

No, thank you, for following your mortal soul, and not the demons’ path of darkness.”

So… if I may speak frankly?”

Of course, my child.”

What will happen to me now, since the stars are gone?”

Well, your demonic powers will meet the same fate as the stars:

  1. The End of the Stars: You will, and actually already have, lose your celestial power.

  2. The Stored Nogitsune Energy: Much as a star will begin to fuse helium in a desperate attempt to stay alive after exhausting all of its hydrogen, your body will begin to expend its reserve of stored, nogitsune energy.

  3. A Fading Will: Eventually, even your nogitsune energy will be depleted. At that point, your will alone may very well sustain you for a couple of weeks, as your body begins to break down.

  4. The Soul Released, At Last: In the end, you will no longer be able to hold your physical form. In addition, without any energy input, your demonic components will cease to exist. At that point, your mortal soul will be released.

Will I.. go to heaven?”

Most demons would find that to be impossible. However, with your mortal soul, it is possible. You are indeed unique. Most demons who were born from mortals shed their souls within weeks, completely blinded by the sheer power of their new form... but your conscience, and love for mortals, has allowed you to keep your soul through the aeons.”

Are Misty and Justin up there? Will I see them again?”

They both made it there, and still remember you. In fact, I had to calm them – they thought that you could not enter Heaven, since you are a demon. They cheered up when I told them that you still have a mortal soul.”

Will I see them again?”

I cannot judge you, until it is time for you to be judged.”

Fenris nods at his Lord.


I feel.. so weak,” Fenris mutters.

Your magic is gone, and your corporeal body is degrading quickly.”

It's time, isn't it?”


Then... I ask for forgiveness, for any sins I may have forgotten to mention.”

Fenris feels an odd sensation, as his body disintegrates, and his shining soul is released.

...come with me, Fenris. Your last few sins are forgiven. You've fought long and hard for the forces of good, even fighting against your inner sin. Through years of practice, you learned to use the Power of the Stars to heal, as well as harm... and the more time that passed, the more you used the former, and the less the latter.

You have earned your rest.

Fenris, it's time to come home.”

...Fenny... Fenny...” Fenris feels a nudge as he opens his eyes. “Are you going to sleep all day, Fenny?”

Fen gets a face full of drool from the tongue of his wolf-pup companion, Justin.

So, it was just a dream?” Fenris thinks to himself.

Are you going to stow away in my pocket, Fenny? Today's a school day,” Justin wurfs, as he wags his tail happily.

Sure,” Fenny says with a smile, as he transforms into his mouse-size pet form, jumping in Justin's shirt pocket.

It may have been a dream.. but I will uphold my oath, and make you happy, my Lord... I will help and love mortals, until the day when you decide it's time for me to come home. I have faith in You...”


SPECIAL COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Justin is Copyright 1983-2006 by his player. He has been borrowed in good faith for this non-commercial work of fiction. Anyone who wishes to build upon this work is hereby informed that Justin is likely not covered under the Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution 2.5 license. The rest of the work, however, is.

DISTRIBUTION AND ATTRIBUTION INFORMATION: If you wish to distribute this work, it is sufficient to copy it, in its entirety, when redistributing it (including the title, by-line, and version information at the beginning of the work; as well as this footer). This will include the by-line, which will suffice as the form of attribution to the author required by the Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution 2.5 license. I, the author, do not care whether redistribution is done in electronic or printed form. And, if you're still reading this footer, thank you for caring about my wishes, and reading my story. =:o)

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