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13 August 2006
Sub-miniature Short Story: "The Futility of Magic for Coffee-Making."

Don't ask why I wrote this.. it's just something ridiculous I thought of, when I couldn't sleep last night. I'm not expecting a Pulitzer.. hell, I don't even expect some tin star from a Crackerjack box. =;o)

In any case.. for now, the wolf will remain nameless. This may change in the future. Safe to say, the kitsune is yours truly. =;o)

UPDATE: I now have permission from the wolf's player to use his name. So, I will now write the second edition.
The Futility of Magic for Coffee-Making
An impromptu sub-minature short story, by Fenris Fox (Jeff R.)
Written 8/13/2006; Original Web Release, Second Edition: 8/22/2006.

Two furs, Fenris the kitsune and Justin the wolf-pup, stand together in the kitchen. Fen couldn't sleep a wink, but Justin's rearing to go. Justin starts a coffee pot going for his vulpine companion. The 'sune stares at the pot, impatiently, with a clouded mind.

"Why does water take so darn long to boil," Fen inquires.
"Heck if I know.. I hate physics. Too much damn math," replies Justin.

Fenris finally loses his temper, and floats into the air, away from the pot.

"Oh shit!" Justin dives for cover.

A huge burst of red flame jumps from the 'sune's paws, striking the coffee pot. Smoke obscures the area for a minute or so; at the same time, neighbors swear they can see a miniature mushroom cloud coming up from Justin's abode..

"Now, THAT'S how you boil water!"
"Yeah.. but a heck of a lot of good that'll do you with ashes for coffee beans. Not to mention no cup, or counter, or sink, or..."

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