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29 September 2006
An Accreditation in Hindsight:
An Addendum to "Justin Visits Fen's Old Home."

I was thinking about Fenris' new middle name, and decided I should make a statement:

Fedora is the name of a well-known Linux distribution. While Fedora is a Russian girls' given name which predates the OS - and thus makes any trademark claim that could possibly cause me trouble questionable - I wanted to give the project credit, anyway.

This blog is actually published from a laptop running Fedora Core 5 x86_64, on an AMD Turion 64 ML-37 (~2.0Ghz single-core, bought before dual-core became popular. Still works very well, though... =;oD ).

I am impressed with the free operating system distribution. Ever since Professor Victor Costea of the Community College of Southern Nevada introduced me to Linux - and he mentioned the advanced hardware support of Fedora - I've been a "believer." Since then, I've molded it in all kinds of ways - including optimization for my CPU; transparent, strong, and fast partition encryption; adding VMware Server to run many "virtual machines" at once (that's where one real computer pretends to be more than one computer, via software); and much more.

(I like to do my drafts by hand, however, in true furry tradition - a needle-nosed, liquid-ink pen [as similar to a fountain pen as a ball-type can get - this pen has runny, smooth liquid ink, with a bold color {I usually use black, but sometimes blue. Either stands out.}; most ballpoints have oily, thick, sticky-type ink], and a pocket notebook - like the fur-artist's ubiquitous sketchbook. =:oD )
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