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19 September 2006
Poem: "Link & Length, Heart & Soul"

Well, what can I say? There's just times when I sit down and write, and have absolutely have no explanation for what pops out. The content, yes ; the form, no.

This poem is partially inspired by - believe it or not - a wallpaper I downloaded for my cell phone. It's a piece of artwork entitled, The Power of the Cross. Even though I don't consider myself devoutly religious, I thought it was a touching piece - it depicted a metal cross, holding together links in a much larger chain, with the sun and blue sky behind it.

Maybe my piece is only a dream... But every important movement in the history of humanity, has started as an idea - a dream. At the least, it serves as part of my ongoing struggle to consolidate my conflicting internal ideals on emotion, philosophy, and theology/spirituality. It also is a bit of a "vent" on the constant violence we (at least in America..) see on cable news every day.

Well, enough babble. Without further delay, Fenris Fox presents, "Link & Length, Heart & Soul," First Edition:

"Link & Length, Heart & Soul"

By Fenris F. (Jeff R.)

Written: 9/19/2006; Original Web Release, First Edition: 9/19/2006

Sacred but yet debatable,

Cherished but yet ethereal;

This is but some of the nature

Of what we call the human heart & soul.

Sometimes moving us to rage,

At other time to righteousness;

Central in massacre and mercy alike,

Is this thing we call a heart.

Some of us look toward the heavens for a cross,

And a sign from up above;

Some of us look toward the plains of Earth,

And the secrets it may hold;

Some simply seek to help others,

Thinking one day they'll be gone.

But what all of us seek

Is a mantra and a tie,

Which can tie together all we do

During the time which we are.

Some turn to the sword,

Others, to the pen;

Some look to where we'll go,

Others, to where we've been;

Some search for where we'll end,

Others, for where we began.

So we should not look up at those

Who happen to follow our ways,

Nor down on those who look elsewhere

For answers to our days.

King, executive, President,

Simple laborer or peasant,

Even the wandering vagabond

Seeks to learn these lessons;

To find their binding link

Upon humanity's common chain;

The chain of belonging and purpose,

Which brings meaning to our pain.

The chain is our hearts,

Our very souls

Those which make us one;

But only time will be our judge

On choosing the olives, or the gun.


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