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31 December 2006
Poem: "Windrider"

My recent involvement in a sail & steam (17th-18th century Earth equivalent technology level)/pirate-themed online RP community has led me to create a new morph, more appropriate to the theme and tech/magic level.

Thinking about that community and theme, and listening to fantasy-inspired music at the same time, led me to write the following poem. I shocked the heck out of myself with it - even in poetry, I rarely put this level of emotion out.

More commentary on the poem's namesake afterward.
By Fenny F. (Jeff R.)
Written 12/31/2006; Original Web Release, First Edition, 12/31/2006

[ Special note: Happy Old Year! =;o) ]

"Wind and sail.. now that's the proper way to move a ship." --Geordi LaForge; Star Trek: The Next Generation

Breathe the free air again, Windrider,
Feel the Sun's warmth once more...

Time may have eclipsed you,
But you never turned stern on me -
Through peace and war,
Many were the furs you bore
With naught a piston -
Only cannon was your roar.

Breathe the free air again, Windrider,
Feel the Sun's warmth once more...

Flesh, fur, wood & spirit -
Even the very Sea itself
Ride a greater device;
And it seems that time has come full circle -
Fate bestows its light upon your deck once more...

Come forth, Windrider,
From your long slumber;
Come forth and be reborn...
For the dreams of men are what I seek to be;
And now I voyage back...
Back once again,
To the Sail & the Steam.

Breathe the free air again, Windrider,
Feel the Sun's warmth once more...

I envisioned the Windrider as a sailing ship - no steam engine. Since the era allows steam tech.. I may put the Windrider into port, and see about having her overhauled with an engine. I'll keep the rigging, though.. I think the engine may serve as a surprise for some. =;o)

"When we get the call on the radio, one of our own - 'Officer down' - you know how it is. We haul ass." --Officer Bates, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
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