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31 December 2006
Subminiature Short Story: "I Can't Win!"

Just an idea I had, playing one of a friend's characters off against the other.

Due to comments I had on this story prior to posting, I want to say to anyone who knows these characters or their player, that nothing here relates to them in the larger scope of things. If their actions reflect on anyone, it's Fenny's player and his family - which is where I got the idea. It seems this happens a lot.. perhaps too much.

Justin couldn't sleep one night. Becoming hungry, he went to the kitchen.
He had some Cup Ramen, then for some strange reason, decided to clean up extra carefully - even more so than usual.

He had just finished when RC - Justin's raccoon uncle - walked in. He said to Justin, "What are you doing up at this hour?" He then noticed a couple of his own beer bottles in the trash - but forgot he had them a couple days ago. "Justin, have you been drinkin' on the quiet?"
"Uncle, I'm 12. I only ever even sniffed a beer once."
"Well, what were you doing then?"
"I had some Ramen."
"Umm.. There's no way you had Ramen. You always make a mess when you make anything!"

Justin facepawed, crying inside his head, "Unngh.. I can never win!"


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