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29 January 2007
Follow-Up: (In)justice Watch: More sad facts and opinions crop up, as the scapegoat goes to the altar of sacrifice.

It turns out that more horse manure is popping up in the case of the woman facing 40 years in jail for accidental porn pop-ups.

Blame the teacher, why don't you, when the school administrators let the license lapse on the school's Web content filtering system.

Want to know how I feel? Here's the subject line from a post from a commenter on the first link above, "qwerty75:"
"It would have been better if the teacher just killed one of those kids"
From a strictly numerical standpoint, he's right. Second-degree murder carries a minimum penalty of 25 years imprisonment in many states - this woman is facing 40.

For what? Exposing the "kids" (they're teens. They may not all be little devils, but they're all too old to be little angels, either.) to something they probably look at in the privacy of their own home - laws be damned.

The more I think about this, the more I pray this whole case is an anomaly.. because if such ridiculous witch hunts are to become the norm in this country, I will leave the United States.

This kind of crud is little better than the Nazis in World War II - and I would gladly welcome death, over rotting in jail for 40 years (especially since weak guys like me tend to wish they were dead anyway, if they go to prison).

Yes, this is rough, mean, possibly even extremist writing - but this bullcrap needs to be nipped in the bud. NOW!

Read that accented quote on the right sidebar of this blog. I mean it.
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