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13 January 2007
Quote: Doesn't judging sanity require a verifiable frame of reference?

This quote - from a scene in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where Dr. Scota (a psychiatrist) is examining a suspect in a murder investigation - made me think about the whole "genius is on the border of insanity," "am I man dreaming of being a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming of a man," and related philosophies:
Scota: "Do you prefer the world you live in, over reality?"
Schizoid suspect: "I'd be crazy if I didn't, wouldn't I?"
He might have been ruled insane by the standards of [fictional] psychiatry.. but the schizoid man's words carry the weight of a sad piece of wisdom. I'd have to agree with him - who wouldn't prefer a world of fantasy, over the growing darkness in our shared world of reality?

Or, perhaps, I'm already starting to suffer from the "mental disorder" I named myself:

Media-induced psychosis: A state of nervous irrationality brought on by despair, which itself is brought on by prolonged exposure to the mainstream broadcast media of the modern age - and the negative slant of portrayal contained therein. The afflicted may slowly descend into a fantasy world of their own making - to varying depths - as a defense mechanism of their own psyche.

So, when do I get my Ph.D.? =;o)
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