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24 January 2007
Random/Quote: "The Proverbial Salt."

SECOND EDITION: Article has been retouched to clarify some subjects. Anything you see here with square brackets [ ] is from me, not from the show. =;o)

I don't know why I thought of this - I just did:

[Accuracy may not be 100%; I'm taking this from memory. If you need an accurate reference, consult an authoritative source of quotations, not a random blogger... please! =;o) ]

In a Star Trek: Voyager episode, Lt. Paris and Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok were stuck in a malicious holodeck program - where the mortality failsafe had been sabotaged. [The mortality failsafe normally prevents simulations of injury in the holodeck from becoming real ones. With them off, for example, a simulated bullet could actually kill someone.] They come to The Doctor - but it's a fake Doctor. When he looks at Paris' arm:

"You have second degree phaser burns.. Nothing I can't handle." [For anyone who doesn't know, a phaser is an energy weapon which can cause burns to organic tissue.]

He then grabs this ridiculously humongous hypospray from a tray. [A hypospray is Star Trek's version of a hypodermic needle.]

"20cc's nitric acid," he says, injecting the lieutenant with the corrosive; he yelps in pain.
Doc finishes, "A little proverbial salt in the wound."
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