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20 January 2007
Satire & Fatigue: How to Keep the NSA Occupied

1.) Modify an open-source implementation of the AES cipher, so that it only does 4 rounds instead of the much more secure 14 rounds*.

2.) Use the Tor anonymizing proxy network** to access an Al-Qaeda message board.

3.) Post this after encrypting with the Frankencipher we created in Step 1:
"Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete jumped out; who's left?"
4.) Enjoy your newfound privacy - the constant pressing of the Repeat button by the poor red-eyed spook tending the server cluster at midnight will leave no resources to analyze warrantless wiretap goodies. =:o)

For the less security-savvy:
* Many modern block ciphers - including AES - run a (relatively!) simple portion of the program a number of times, increasing the security of the final output; each such run is called a round. AES - in the version using its longest key - runs 14 such rounds. As of the present, it has resisted all known cryptanalysis (codebreaking) against all 14 rounds; however, some cryptanalysis has been successful against reduced numbers of rounds.

** The Tor anonymizing proxy network is a specially-designed, encrypting system of routers, which attempt to hide the identity of a person using the system. It is free and open-source, and while it has some vulnerabilities (mainly against attackers with massive resources - like a major government), it is currently one of the best systems of its kind available.
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