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03 January 2007
Typing While Tired: "The Flame of Noodles"
[Second Edition: The Morning After]

After watching The Lord of the Rings again - using my new speakers - I was thinking of the showdown between Gandalf and the Balrog of Morgoth. I imagined something like that, with Fenny in a living room.. and the Balrog a bit smaller. =:oD

(The Second Edition is just a sprinkling of a few informative, clarifying links. I really didn't change any of the content. [All links in this post spawn new windows.])
"Go back to the shadow... but before you do that, pop me some popcorn, will ya? My stove's broken," Fenny said to the mini-Balrog.
"Um," the Balrog began to reply, shaking the room with his deeply bassic voice, "you're a fire-demon yourself, O Pious One." He stuck his tongue out, then continued, "Besides.. you don't have the Flame of Anor. You have the Flame of Kitsune-Udon."
Fenny slapped his forehead, then facepawed. "Doy... I'm not a bag of noodles!"
"But you do get limp in water..."
"Only if you hold me there long enough. And.. how the hell did you learn about that?"
"We share the same element, genius."

At this moment, Justin the wolf-pup drops by, expecting to say hi to Fenny on his way home from school.

"Yikes! How the heck did he get in here? Fenny?" Justin yipped in distress. He raised his paws, closed his eyes, and sent a very localized tsunami crashing onto the Balrog, courtesy of Water-elemental magic.

Justin was shocked when he heard not one, but two, cries, accompanied by the sound of water being boiled. Both demons washed out the back door.

"Watch where you're pointing that thing!" Fenny yelled at Justin, getting up, slowly recharging the energy zapped from him by his opposing element.
"But.. I thought he.."
"..was there for a less-than-noble purpose?" Fenny asked, reading the pup's thoughts. "He was there to pop my popcorn." As usual, after finding the humor in the weirdest things, he started to giggle; he was joined by Justin.

After they came to their senses, Justin asked, "Isn't it time you sent him back to his Universe? He doesn't belong here, ya know."
"I know.. But I wanted to toy with him a bit, before he ends up as a Wizard's Shish-Kabob."
"How is it that I could wash him up like that, but Gandalf has so much trouble with him?"
"Because he used Lightning against him.. It doesn't take an Eizenstein to see that Water works much better."
"Well, it sure washed you up."
"Nonsense," Fenny yerfed, trying to hold back a giggle. "I was just catching a wave!"
"You get a 10.0 wipeout, then," Justin said, laughing.
Yes, it's random, and it's stupid. But such things happen when committing TWT.
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