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27 January 2007
Urgent: (In)justice Watch: Woman Facing 40 Years in Prison for Accidental Porn Pop-Ups In the Classroom!

I just about mussed up my tailfur when I saw this! It's so hard to keep from cussing.. but some stupid court may soon send a teacher to jail for 40 years, all because of some porn pop-ups!

These... heck, I've controlled myself long enough - bastards - are all set to put a woman affected by random Net trash in jail for what might as well be the rest of her life, but let real sex offenders - you know, the actual ones that snatch, rape, and sometimes kill kids - back out on the street after sentences shorter than the term of a President.

Listen to one of the charges here:
"Julie Amero, a substitute teacher in Norwich, Connecticut, has been convicted of... risking injury to a minor..."
Show me the guns, the knives, the re-bars, the anvils.. I don't see injury here. Seeing a little bit of porn doesn't break bones - and in the long run, probably wouldn't do much of anything - even mentally - to the most prudish of those students.

Want some mitigating circumstances? Look at this:
"A few students were crowded around a PC; some were giggling."
I'd have to say that the potential for even emotional injury just went down quite a bit.

You know what this looks like to me? A commenter on the above article, "chuckiesback," seemed to lay it out pretty effectively:
"This is nothing but a return to the witch trials in New England..."
Years of FUBAR news have already caused me to lose faith in this portion of a famous Patriotic writing:
"...and Justice for all."
Last time I checked, Justice is not the malicious prosecution of persons who had no intent to do wrong.

Please, politicians, judges, Officers of the Peace.. don't make me lose faith in the rest of that writing.

All in all, I say that:
1.) All charges should be dismissed against the defendant, with the apologies of The People;
2.) Whoever is ultimately responsible for this epitome of moronic garbage should be impeached, fired, or otherwise removed;
3.) Said person(s) should be forced to attend a class on basic Internet usage - with a focus on computer security for beginners. Namely, show them that this crap can come up on its own!

Oh, and one last thing: Fox News Channel, please don't mess up my species'-sake! As far as I can find, this had nothing to do with child pornography. It was about the very accidental and unintentional exposing of teenagers (quit with the "child" crap - they aren't little angels!) to hardcore pornography. That's a far cry from child pornography, which (and I agree fully with this) is very much illegal in itself.
With proper security settings, and regular scans for viruses, spyware, etc. I've kept my pc pop-up free.

If anyone should be arrested and charged in this case, it should be the students gathered about the computer, one of whom apparently disabled whatever security system existed.
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