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10 January 2007
Yet Another Poem: "The Miracle of Tears"

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"Ash Raised From the Dead." from Pokemon: The First Movie. Copyright 1999 Nintendo of America. It is believed by the author that the use of this single frame from a full-length copyrighted work, to further a non-commercial artistic idea, constitutes fair use under the United States doctrine. Please contact the webmaster if there are any concerns.

(And by the way - if anyone hasn't seen this, they should. The emotional impact on me during the scene this screenshot was taken from was amazing. And no, I didn't get the idea for this poem from the movie - it was pure coincidence. I didn't even watch the movie until today.)

Alright.. I know I've done, like, three posts today - but this one is the best of all, which is why I've saved it 'till last. It'll sit at the top for a while.. =;o)

This is really my first stab of a short poem of the epic type. I've wanted to try it for some time - inspired by such things as Dante's Inferno - but never even sat down and gave it a go until now.
The Miracle of Tears
By Fenny F. (Jeff R.)
Written 1/9/07; Original Web Release, Second Edition, 1/10/07 (late PM)

As the last arrow of the great evil flew,
The last act of a loving Paladin ensued;
Piercing fur and flesh
He did not relent;
To save her from death,
His last strength, he drew.

Plummeting to earth as his body turned to dust,
He took one last look at one he knew was just;
Only Salvadore lay
Upon his wispy remains -
But Misty,
Misty felt his pain.

Crying over this wasted place
That would serve as a youkai's grave,
The Cat remembered a demon's grace,
His warm embrace -
The love he gave his life to save.

It seems her will to hold him once more
Did not come too late,
Before his lifeforce was no more -
For in that instant,
A Miracle came -
To the cursed earth,
To this place of pain.

A pressure pulsed through empty air -
Fresh new grass became youkai hair;
And tears of despair -
Care.. care formed a youkai's heart.

Another chance,
Another start.

In her arms
A weak fox now lay,
Unable to transform
'Till another day.

From this Blessed spot
She took that fox ,
Fed him lots and combed his locks;
Until one day he stood erect,
And thanked her for the time she spent.
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