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13 March 2007
  The end of an epoch... but not of an era.
This blog to be closed on Blogspot - moving to LiveJournal.

As I've written before - division of my mental resources is bad; most days, my scatterbrainedness makes it seem as if there are few to distribute.

I now have a LiveJournal - a few readers have likely known this for some time.

Until now, I only intended the LJ account to be for commenting on others' LJs; however, as I soon was absorbed into the massive warm pile of digital fur, I realized that things should change.

[LJ has an extremely large furry population - every species, interest, and/or hobby is likely to have several communities tayloring to it.]

The aggregation features on LJ are really nice - it's easier to be able to check one page. Also, I've made a lot of new friends on there - so, as a service to them, my primary blog will be moving to LJ; that way, they can aggregate my content, as easily as I do theirs.

Both links to my new blog - the one in the sub-headline, and the following one - are (unlike most of my links) non-popping links - for finality, they will lead away from this blog.

My blog's new home, and the beginning of the LiveJournal epoch:
"My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or other of us has got to go."
--Oscar Wilde, late A.D. October 1900.
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